Kubernetes over Kubernetes

Thursday 25/10 15:00 → 16:00 Salle Gratte Ciel

How does OVH use Kubernetes to provide Kubernetes infrastructure for its customers?

As of today, Kubernetes is set as the standard for container orchestration and deployment.
OVH has built an infrastucture that uses the functionality and velocity of Kubernetes to deliver a seamless Kubernetes experience to customers.
Why did we choose to build Kubernetes over Kubernetes? What are the main stakes when designing such an architecture? What problems did we encounter? How did we deal with theses issues?
These are the questions that will be answered in this talk.


Draft Plan:
Kubernetes overview
– Why Kubernetes?
– Functionality overview
– Main components

Why Kubernetes over Kubernetes ?
– Easy to upgrade
– Costs optimization
– Stakes
– Be as close as possible to the product we propose to our customers
– Client cluster deployment automation

– Networking betwen containers
– Network isolation – Monitoring