BlendWebMix 2018 : New Digital Identities

BlendWebMix 2018 : New Digital Identities

This year BlendWebMix has a transversal theme, why?


With heads of editorial committees we want to create a broad and accessible program while fostering a debate around Web-related themes among us, the “web-makers”. Developers, designers, researchers, startup-ers, marketers, together we foster the development of the Web industry through innovation and evolution of practices and uses


New Digital Identities


This Golden Thread illustrates the current questions around humankind and who we are, through both “real” and digital life. It bears a desire to look into the future. It is specific enough so that you can make it stand out of your talk ; it embraces the major current trends around A.I., respect for privacy, drift of the Web giants, search for purpose in today’s society and mutations of online commerce! This topic is related to the BlendWebMix’s intention to mix discussions and foster answers for those who want to deepen their view on the evolution of practices, profession and society.

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