Jade LeMaitre

CTO & Co-Fondatrice Hease Robotics
Jade LeMaitre

Co-founder and CTO of Hease Robotics, Jade Le Maître has taken much initiative to be involved in the robotics community. With a background in engineering and having conducted a research project about human-robot interaction, Jade found her passion in working in the science communication sector.

Throughout her journey of working in science and robotics for 5 years, Jade teamed up with Max Vallet – who became her co-founder and CEO of Hease Robotics. After creating their team, it took them just 100 days to build a high-quality working prototype of the first robot catered to the retail industry and customer services.

At just the age of 29, Jade spearheads the technical side of the project. She is also the founder of the unique worldwide directory of talented women working in robotics and affiliated industries @WomenInRobotics, has her own updated Twitter account @Aratta, publishes informative articles on LinkedIn and manages her tech-focused website.