Our english speakers – BlendWebMix abroad !

Our english speakers – BlendWebMix abroad !

At La Cuisine du Web, we have accepted a challenge to make BlendWebMix 2018 more accessible to English-speakers ! We have invited fascinating specialists who will cover diverse topics so that everyone can find can enjoy themselves and learn something new.

Design : Anna Goss – Identity has many forms, let’s see what identity means for gov.uk

Anna is currently Lead Service Designer at UK Government Digital Service where she’s working on unpicking digital identity. She created the official webpage of the UK government by merging the websites of government departments as well as public bodies and other public agencies. She was behind the Verify functionality which is a secure way to prove who you are online – a real bomb in the world of social services design ! At BlendWebMix 2018, she’ll share her thoughts on her journey of taking into account citizens’ identities and how the issue of identification shaped the gov.uk website.

Design : Phillip Hunter – Voice Product Strategy

Invested in Product Desgin, Phillip has implemented conversational UX designs for Alexa, Messenger or Cortana. Currently Product VP at Pulse Labs, he’s improving user experience for voice services by highlighting best practices and UX patterns. Throughout his life Phillip has mentored hundreds of UX and product management professionals and that’s why you will be able to draw from Phillip’s wide experience and deep insight. He will attend the BlendWebMix as Web Design mentor which will enable English-speaking attendees to make use of Phillip’s advice on crafting a good offering and thus create great experiences.

Lea Verou – Even more CSS secrets

Currently doing research in Human-Computer Interaction at MIT on how to make web programming easier, Lea is one of the few Invited Experts of the W3C CSS Working Group – the committee that designs and extends the CSS language. Being a strong believer in open source, she has also started several popular open source projects and web applications such as Mavo, Prism or Awesomplete. Lea is bringing her world-renowned CSS secret conference to BlendWebMix which will enable you to understand CSS at an advanced level. She will be a real inspiration for those participating since it’s difficult to find anyone who knows more about CSS or is better at explaing it than her.

Aral Balkan – Internet is for everyone

Aral is a cyborg rights activist, designer and developer at Ind.ie. Described by Guardian as a « DIY rebel working on the punk rock internet in order to replace the tech giants », his aim is to create a fairer and more equal internet. He is also a frequent speaker at the most of the great events in the world, like The Next Web Conference or Thinking Digital. At BlendWebMix, you will have the opportunity to learn about current issues of surveillance capitalism and discover steps that need to be taken – especially by the EU – in order to build an Internet that belongs to the people.

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